Who I Am

This is the extension of the Mini Bio on my page just to give visitors a little bit more insight into the guy that runs this thing.

To reiterate the stuff from the mini bio

My name is Johnny. I’m a 22 year old college student in his 3rd year studying audio production. I do make youtube videos but I’ll get to that later. My passions in life are acting, music, and general entertainment. I love being the person to brighten someone else’s day and distract them whatever is wrong with their lives, and if possible help them get past them. I also use this blog to post my poetry, and there is a lot of it especially if you go back to the earlier posts on the blog. a majority of it was poetry. You may also notice i reblog a lot of cute, romantic-ish. That would be because I met my amazing girlfriend through this marvelous place..wasn’t always like that, but as of recent it has been


Here are some lists, which i like making, of things that are awesome and if you like or even love them you and i will get along fine:

Television ish:
*The Mighty Boosh
*Various Adult Swim programming
*90s Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network programming
*Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
*Doctor Who
*Arrested Development
*the Simpsons
*Random 90s Television
*random ass animes 
*American Horror Story
*Orange is the New Black
*Orphan Black

nothing else comes to mind but if it does i’ll add it to the list

*Star Wars
*Lord of the Rings
*Various Comic book films (Bale Batman, Scott Pilgrim, Kickass, Watchmen, Spider-man 1, X-men 1 the films leading up to the Avengers) films
*most of Kevin Smith’s directorial films
*anything with Ellen Page, at least anything i’ve seen that isn’t x-men 3.
*anything Simon Pegg
*Most of Jim Carrey’s catalog
*anything with zombies
*Really anything the typical nerd/film buff would enjoy 

i could go on for ages if you’re inclined to know more, you can always ask :p

Literally anything that isn’t:
*actual screamo
*dubstep (i don’t HATE the genre, but i’m kinda sick of it)
*lots of radio schlock but my tastes are expanding

not much else I can clarify but like films you can always ask my opinion on something.

Also I’m a comic and videogame enthusiast. I play both modern and retro games and express my love of both freely. I also have a tattoo of Link from The Legend of Zelda on my arm for those who might want a grasp of some things that I really love. I plan to get more tattoos which you will see here. As for comics I’m more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy but I do love heroes within the DC universe, Batman being the most superior. Aside from the two juggernauts I just love comics in general. Tradebacks, online web, and single issues i love ‘em all.

Now as I mentioned earlier I make youtube videos. However! I pretty much reside on the internet. I have three youtube channels. One dedicated to a to a cavalcade of content (Music reviews, movie reviews, Let’s, Plays, Skits, Responses, discussions, vlogs, etc), one dedicated to music and poetry, and one dedicated to long winded videogames/online content (like Minecraft & Happy Wheels). I’ll include links at the bottom of the page. 

I also make music. My ambitions are high and while I rap, which i know makes most peoples eyes roll, its not all i do. I have a lot of ambitions and anytime I put a song out there i post it here as well

I also have two more blogs here on tumblr. One for album reviews that is publicly viewable and i’ll include a link at the bottom along with the youtube channels, and a sketchier blog that if you’re really interested you can message me for the url, however it is NSFW so i don’t blame you for steering clear of it.

That’s pretty much it for now. I hope you enjoy my blog and if I feel the need to update this page more. I will!

My youtube channels:

Main Channel

Music & Poetry Channel

Minecraft Channel

Music Review Blog